US FMS Channels

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PCX has unique access as well as knowledge concerning several areas of found business via US FMS channels, and other special ‘under-the-radar’ programs that even the most experienced manufacturers receive significant benefit in terms of increased revenue and visibility of their represented lines. The US FMS channels are predicted to represent over 60 billion dollars per year growing an average 10-14 percent per year over the next ten years as the focus becomes less on acquisition of new platforms but rather on the elongation of platform life spans. The great majority of OEMs are significantly under-represented in this channel which can generate very large increases in market share as well as brand expansion on the international stage. The true value of the US-FMS channel is also the ability to get drop-in replacement replacements approved on form/fit/function guarantees. Nowhere else in the DoD spend environment can this be accomplished with little or no hiccups, creating great ability to grab market share for the lines we ably represent in this massive channel.