Price Justification and First-time Buy questionnaires

Home Warehousing Military Packaging Small Business Qualifications Price Justification   PCX, like every tax payer both individual and corporate, understands the military requirement that often dictates first-time-buy questionnaires on smaller contracts, as well as Price Justification Inquiries on larger contracts (over 650,000.00 per FAR 15.801).

Our staff is well versed in the need to provide and turn around first time buy questionnaires quickly and efficiently in order for offers to be quickly evaluated and awarded. Our experience and detailed pricing algorithms are easily exported into easy-to-read spread sheets for the contracting officers to append to the solicitation for fast evaluation. We have been frequently and continuously recognized for the ease and clarity of our detailed reports which result in more business for all concerned.

The same diligence, algorithms, and report clarity applies to solicitations over 650,000.00 which require a higher level of detail and understanding of the reporting criteria to be successfully reviewed and accepted allowing the government procurement officers to award orders quickly.