Annual Demand Quantity (ADQ) analysis

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PCX has created a unique market analysis tool which gathers and collates data from over 2 dozen DoD related procurement history sources, combined with aggregated demand forecasting into a simple-to-use ADQ number which projects up to two years. The ADQ number is an extremely powerful strategic planning, market expansion tool. The ADQ number can be produced on the most granular level for a single NSN for the represented line as well as the competitor cross yielding the most salient and important intelligence (what is your brand projected or single NSN projected to do over the next two years versus the targeted competitor?). The ADQ tool can also provide insight into entire competitor platform lines that can be compared against your own line.

We can even get completely global on an entire corporate NSN, vertical, or brand line. The analytical prowess of our systems makes PCX a radical value departure from the regular distributor relationship for our represented lines. We become a minute by minute market feedback and intelligence information loop that allows your team to make the kind of decisions that result in increased market share, profitability and ‘found’ business opportunities.