Home Platinum Program Vendor   PCX, Inc. Created the Platinum-Program-Vendor (PPV) to assist our OEM manufacturing partners support the demand for military spares not just for their respective proprietary NSNs, but also to uncover new opportunities via drawing (IAW) opportunities via select Tacom, DLA, Navy, and FMS replacement spares. Our ability to not only uncover significant opportunities but actually get new NSNs assigned makes PCX unique in the market. We don't just respond to demand, we create demand!

Our manufacturer partners under this program reduce their quote churn which can be a significant expense, creating higher profitability for the OEM. Our software allows us to be pro-active and comprehensive in uncovering opportunities in multiple venues and around the world all while being able to provide up the minute sales and marketing data... a value that is not matched by other distributors.

PCX also has a million dollar BPA in place with TACOM allowing for smooth flow of orders and preferred supplier treatment from the military. Additionally, the DCMA has awarded PCX with an ARP letter due to our prowess as an accomplished and trusted supplier who understands the nuances of packaging, labelling, and supply to all branches of the military, thus, again, enables a greater number awards to be given to PCX than most other distributors... we are a slip-stream solution for the supply of the much needed spares for our war fighters on the ground.

Please contact us to discuss possibilities and program options!